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Project Description

St. Theresa, Mpika

Located in Mpika, Zambia, St. Theresa’s is a primary school serving a community of over 300 students. The goal of St. Theresa’s is to grow from a primary school into a secondary school. The Learning for School platform provides St. Theresa’s school the stepping stone to reach this ambitious goal.

As the school continues to grow, they will be adding multiple resources such as a science lab. We’re proud to be part of St. Theresa’s journey in establishing their first computer lab with 44 desktop computers, a television, and tablets to enhance student learning. Through Learning for School, St. Theresa’s school now has access to over 11, 000 multimedia resources including textbooks, videos, and interactive educational games.

The investment into the Learning for School program has also given their teachers access to over 800 teaching resources. With more content, the teachers are able to administer their lessons with the right resources to engage any student with any kind of learning style. We’re proud to join St. Theresa’s school in their journey to create better education for the Mpika region.

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