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For School Managers

For School Managers 2017-11-23T06:56:35+00:00

The technology made specifically for your school.Ā 

Allow your teachers to create the future of education

For School Managers

Spend more time leading your school and less time managing.

  • Increase student enrolment
  • Improve teacher training and development
  • Increase student and parent engagement

Boost Enrolment

Parents search for institutions that provide their children with the best resources. With Learning for Humanity, you’ll receive an official Leaders in Education badge recognizing that your school has the best content, hardware, and tools to support student education.

Increase Engagement and focus

Technology can be a distraction in student learning if not controlled properly. With Learning for Humanity, all of the content resides offline in your school. You won’t worry about students browsing the internet or connecting to inappropriate websites. The teacher is in full control of the content within the student platform.

Save almost $60, 000 per year

With our offline system, you’re saving almost $60, 000 per year. That means no extra charges or bundles required. With Learning for Humanity all of the content sits within servers inside your school. Along with cross-campus wireless coverage, all of the content can be accessed through any mobile device.