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For Parents

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Be confident in your child’s education.

Give your child the resources they need

For Parents

Take part in your child’s learning.

  • View your child’s progress
  • Follow along with your child’s education
  • Login from any device

Follow your child’s progress.

Follow along with your child’s learning with the Learning for Humanity Progress Binder. Learn together by reading, watching videos, and completing tasks together. With Learning for Humanity, you have the opportunity to see if their homework is completed as well how far your child has reached in a lesson. The Progress Binder teaches learners how to keep their education organized.

Student Progress 70%

Jump ahead or catch up.

Help your child jump ahead or catchup with access to our growing digital library of over 15, 000 multimedia resources. Read books and watch videos that help reinforce old lessons and provide exposure to new ones.

Our library includes great classics such as Romeo and Juliet with extra study resources such as the audiobook, study guides, and video reflections.

Interested in having Learning for Humanity installed at your school? Share this page with your principal.