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For IT Teachers

For IT Teachers 2017-12-07T06:15:48+00:00

The technology that creates less work for you.Ā 

Our IT team is here to help you with all the questions you receive

For IT Teachers

Give your students the best CTS education.

  • Control the content your learners see
  • Allow your students to play interactive games to learn how to type and code
  • Receive support from our IT professionals

The offline, wireless system.

The entire system runs completely offline. Your school receives two server racks, a commercial switch board, a commercial router, and two radios. All of this hardware sits inside a locked cabinet situated within the school. Students and staff can access the school portal via web browser anywhere on campus including on their personal devices.

Don’t wait, just play.

The benefits of an offline system means your school saves money on bundles and can access content instantly. Videos play immediately when opened so you don’t have to worry about slow response times.


Run great educational apps that teach relevant skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, typing, and coding. Our open ecosystem allows you to run our great applications and yours.