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Education for EveryONE

Textbooks for Everyone

There is currently 1 textbook per 5.6 primary students in schools across Zambia, typical of many regions of the world. L4H delivers digital books at 20 textbooks per student, an increase of >100x, and at a lesser cost. Education is central to breaking generational poverty and creating transformational change. L4H is designed as a financially sustainable managed service to ensure scalable, quality education and alignment with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Self-Sufficient and Reliable

Sustainable Impact.


Our energy-efficient computers requires 90% less energy and can even be powered by solar panels for regions without electricity. Our offerings also come with a power surge protector and an inverter to protect against power trips and any sudden power losses.

Offline and affordable

No internet required.

Always Available

Our offline service is delivered through installed media servers within the school with wireless access across the entire campus. No internet is required for students and teachers to access their digital libraries. This allows for resources to always be available and for education-only media to be accessed.