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Introducing the new EcoSchool

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More than a digital library

Explore over 20 000 educational materials following your school’s curriculum.


All the classics.

All your favourite books in one library. Read the classics from great authors such as William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many others.

Learn a new language, fluently

Learn a new language with more than reading material. Follow along with local speakers for the proper pronunciation.

Learn Chinese – Basic Lesson 1

Chinese English
Jiă:  Nĭ hăo!

Yĭ :  Nĭ hăo!

Jiă:  Nĭ máng ma?

Yĭ :  Wŏ bù máng, nĭ ne?

Jiă:  Wŏ yĕ bù máng. Nĭ gēge máng ma?

Yĭ :  Tā hĕn máng. Wŏ dì di yĕ hĕn máng. Wŏ gēge, wŏ dì di dōu hĕn máng.

Jiă:  Tā men dōu máng. Tā men hăo ma?

Yĭ :  Tā men dōu hăo. Nĭ gēge yĕ hăo ma?

Jiă:  Tā hĕn hăo. Xiè xie.

A:  Hello!

B:  Hi!

A:  Are you busy?

B:  I’m not busy, and you?

A:  I’m not busy, either. Is your older brother busy?

B:  He is very busy. My younger brother is also very busy. My older brother and my younger brother are both very busy.

A:  They are very busy. Are they OK?

B:  They are both fine. Is your older brother also fine?

A:  He is very well, thank you.

Interactive Simulations

Allow interactive games and simulations to reinforce content learned. Cater to every learning type; including kinaesthetic learners. See how you can cater your classroom to every type of learner.

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“We get to see the books for next year as well so we can prepare for the future.”


Grade 6 Pupil

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