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Learning For Humanity (L4H) is a social enterprise which delivers dynamic content and training in a turnkey collaborative learning environment through our educational ecosystem. We provide first class, affordable computer systems and digital access to over 20,000 textbooks, videos, audio, training materials and other educational resources (including medical) to pupils, students and teachers globally.

L4H’s innovative model delivers digital textbooks to schools at a fraction of the cost of traditional books so that students and teachers have access to all the books they require plus they have access to outstanding supplementary digital media resources such as video tutorials, educational applications and training modules from in-country and from around the globe. L4H delivers 20 digital textbooks per student rather than other numbers showing there is only 1 textbook per 7 students in primary school in Zambia, because we value student success, and boosting student results while remaining sustainable, reliable, and cost efficient.

As your school’s technology provider, we not only offer complete technology solutions (hardware and software) but we also offer support every school day from 8:00hrs – 17:00hrs. Schools receive updates every term as well as support 3 weeks a year from our IT professionals. By choosing Learning for Humanity, we replace all damaged hardware once reported so you don’t have to worry about repairs. We believe in sustainability and continued success, so we are here to support our customers and users every step of the way.